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  • Corporate culture

    Professional ethics:

    The company's good professional ethics is conducive to increase the cohesion and centripetal force of the staff, carry forward the enterprise culture of "innovation, efficiency, unity and integrity", and form a good atmosphere in which everyone pays attention to the development of the enterprise, attaches importance to the benefit of the enterprise, and values the reputation of the enterprise.

    Management team:

    Firm faith, hard work, people-oriented, scientific decision-making, striving, optimizing management, serving grassroots science and technology oriented style, democratic, diligent, pragmatic, United, enterprising, honest and honest


    Love your post, fulfill your responsibilities, go deep into the grass roots, take the initiative to handle affairs with enthusiasm, conscientiously adhere to the principles, set an example, strictly manage the work efficiency, persevere in hard work, bear no complaint, be proficient in business, be honest in performing public duties

    Production personnel:

    Love enterprises, based on their own duty, carefully operate high-quality and high-yield, love work, quality and quantity guarantee, study technical posts to become talents, unite and help each other, respect teachers and students, abide by rules and regulations, and conduct civilized production


    Love work, love factory, love post, study technology, keep improving, respect science, be practical, do a good job in training, train backbone, be modest and prudent, strictly keep secrets, open up and enterprising service line

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