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  • The operational performance ex

    KRZ-s02p automatic water cooling thermal shock testing machine

    1.1 product introductionApplication: used to measure the thermal shock resistance of refractory products.Executive standard:

    1.1 product introduction

    Application: used to measure the thermal shock resistance of refractory products.

    Executive standard: the equipment is manufactured according to Yb / T 376.1 test method for thermal shock resistance of refractory products.

    Instrument structure: it is composed of host, control cabinet and image acquisition system. The specimen collet can be rotated horizontally to facilitate sample loading, observation and recording of specimen end surface damage.

    Control mode: IPC industrial computer is used for automatic control, with friendly interface and high temperature control precision (expert fuzzy control algorithm is applied), which can automatically record and analyze the damaged area of samples, and automatically record the thermal shock times of each sample. The original data can be converted into excel format, and the test report can be read and printed at any time. Image processing software has the functions of image storage, image printing and historical data query.

    Safety performance: with broken coupling, broken rod, over-current, over-voltage alarm device, accident alarm and leakage protection function, complete safety facilities.

    1.2 technical performance



    Normal service temperature (℃)


    Maximum service temperature (℃)


    Furnace size (mm)


    Number of samples

    Size of 3 standard bricks:230×114×65(mm)

    Power Supply

    Single phase380V   40A 50Hz

    Power (kw)


    Equipment weight (kg)


    Host size (mm)


    Control cabinet size (mm)


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